a true marvel in Iran

Badab-e Surt, a True Marvel in Iran

In the midst of the sky-kissing  Alborz mountains, in the lush green valley of Mazandaran, where the clouds, the wind, the mist and the sun try to give us a tremendous amount of vitality, there is an area where the golden springs of Badabe Surt have settled themselves. This is a true marvel in Iran.

a true marvel in Iran

Staircase-like Structure of Badabe Surt, a true Marvel in Iran

Unique staircase springs which date back to several thousand years ago. Badabe Surt is a spring that has been formed with the hands of wind and water. Mineral water flows through and out of the depths of the hard rocky stones of the earth, they go to the sky through the hot beams of the sun. Minerals are deposited in the form of sediments lying floor-to-floor to create a beautiful staircase that invites people to watch for hours. Yet, this is not all the adventure. The mineral water of the Badabe Surt leaves the golden, orange, red, and even cream-colored when they flow down the stairs themselves.

a true marvel in Iran

Badabe Surt and its Minerals

Badabe Surt has a moderate temperature and moderate salinity, and it can treat thousands of diseases through minerals and iron oxide. Due to the large volume of water, the lake is built at an altitude of 1841 meters above sea level. This wonder in Iran each day hosts a lot of enthusiastic tourists from all over the world to watch another great masterpiece of God’s creation. Alongside the main spring of Surt, there are some other small springs that have many health benefits due to their sour taste.

a true marvel in Iran

Badabe Surt as UNESCO World Heritage

The staircase structure of the unique springs of the Badeb-e Surt is such that it distinguishes it among other springs in the world. Badaba Surt was registered as the second national natural work of Iran in the 2008 by the officials of the village of Arost and the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran. The Fountains of Surat, which is somehow geo-park, is located in the village of Aurst, south of the city of Sari.

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