Hostel in Yazd

To book an accommodation in our beautiful traditional hostel in Yazd,  send an email to or text or call +989036272975

Free Pick-up Service

Experience a unique stay in a lovely traditional place.  Our hostel and its traditional environment inside and out side is reminiscent of past. So, by being in our budget traditional budget accommodation in Yazd, you experience a magnificent vibe. Also, the prices of the room that we have here is remarkably different and cheap than other hostels in Yazd. Moreover, we do our best to support our guests in many ways.

Traditional Hotel in Yazd Iran
Traditional Hotel in Yazd Iran

Traditional Hotel in Yazd Iran
Traditional Hotel in Yazd Iran

Dalene behesht Hotel in Yazd Iran

Click Here to read and watch our safari desert tour in Yazd.

Surfing Desert Tour in Yazd
Surfing Desert, walking on high sand dunes and riding camels
safari desert tour in Yazd Iran
Smoking Shisha in the Heart of Desert in Yazd

The prices of our rooms and beds in dorm are as follows:

25 Euros for a double or a twin room with Shared Bathroom

35 Euros for a double or a twin room with Private Bathroom

35 Euros for a triple room with Shared Bathroom

45 Euros for a triple room with Private Bathroom

45 Euros for a four-bed room with Shared Bathroom 

55 Euros for a four-bed room with Private Bathroom

10 Euros for a bed in dorm (we have female/male dorm)

hostel in Yazd Iran
a view of interior side of our traditional hostel in Yazd
hostel in Yazd Iran
a glance at our traditional rooms

hostel in Yazd Iran

Booking Other Cheap Hotels and Hotels through Pardisan Hostel in Yazd:

The team of our hostel in Yazd is expert at Iran tour and travel. We help travelers to book hostels in different parts of Iran. There are hostels in Tehran we recommend you to book like Seven hostel in Tehran, Persian hostel in Tehran, Hi Tehran hostel, Kozhin Cafe Hostel, Tehran Hostel, Denj hostel. In Isfahan, you can book Amirkabir Hostel, Ebnesina Hostel in Isfahan, Nemoneh Hostel. In fact, in Shiraz you can book, Golshan Hostel in Shiraz, traditional Taha Hostel in Shiraz. If you travel to Yazd, there are other hostels like Amir Chaqmaq hostel, Badgir Hostel, Yazd hostel oasis, Kalout hostel in Yazd.

Yazd Safari Desert Tour Iran
Safari Desert Tour with professional team of Pardisan Tour and Trvael Agency

Instead of looking for cheap hotel in Yazd, we highly recommend hostels in Yazd we pointed out to. These budget accommodations in Yazd and Iran are the warm and friendly places where you will not only share the warmth of international gather but Persian hospitality. We, like the other Iran hostels do our best to come forth with various services that facilitates those who travel to Iran such as buying tickets online, buying Sim Cards, booking other cheap hotels in Yazd, Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz and other cities.

Our Facilities, Services and Advantages:

Pick-up Service From the airport (7$), train station and bus terminal (5 $)

Close to Tourist Attractions Such as Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Masjide Jameh.  Alexander’s Prison, Water Museum, Anthropology Museum of Yazd, Zoroastrian Fire Temple are very near too.

English Speaking Receptionist

Furnished Room with TV and Fridge

Free Breakfast and WiFi


50-meter Distance from the Super Market


Heating and Air Conditioning

Rooftop Hangout Area in Branch 1 and Traditional one with traditional benches and fountain in branch 2

Toiletries , Slippers, Towels

Laundry Service

Taxi Service

Book Various Tours in Iran by Pardisan Hostel in Yazd:

Our team features various Yazd Tours such as Yazd City Tour, Desert Tour in Yazd province such as Bafq. Most noteworthy with the help of PTS Co, we offer various tours in Iran.  In addition, we offer unimaginably wondrous Iran nomads tour, star-brimmed Iran desert tours such as Kalout tour in Lut desert in Kerman. Of course, you can choose classic tours to visit UNESCO Sites in Iran such as those in Persepolis, in Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, etc. Furthermore, in winter, tours such as skiing tour, cycling tour, the best adventure tours in Iran in general will be offered. Watch our desert tour now.

You can send an email to us and get consult from our tour and travel experts who will help you customize a better tour according to your travel taste. You can have a wide variety as there are many attractions and natural places with greater varieties.

Horse Riding and Camel Riding in Yazd Desert Tour
horse riding in Yazd desert
Riding Horse in Desert in Yazd Iran
desert tour in Yazd Iran
Camel Riding in Yazd Desert Iran
desert tour in Yazd
so joyous, a new and wondrous experience in desert tour of Yazd
desert and safari tour in Yazd Iran
The joy of riding camel in desert in Iran, in the city of Yazd
Safari tour in desert of Yazd
German Tourists in desert in Yazd Iran
Experience such fantastic experience of riding camel in the heart of desert in Yazd Iran. We offer the best adventure tours in Iran
Pardisan hostel in Yazd, desert tour in Yazd Iran
Desert Tour in Yazd we held on the 7th of August
Iran desert tour in Yazd
Experience our safari tours in Yazd
adventurous desert tour in Yazd Iran
Safari tour in Yazd desert Iran

hostel in Yazd Iran, desert tour in Iran

hostel in Yazd

hostel in Yazd Iran
Super Delicious Faloode Yazdi
Wondrous Desert Tour in Yazd, Virtual Observation:

We have had a recent positive change in our hostel in Yazd by having a professional astrologist with professional telescopes. Thus, we provide equipment to let our guests observe the surface of moon and other planets. As a traveler to Yazd and Iran, you should know that among the beauties to single out is the moment when sun sets in desert.  Then the silence sets over with a vast darkness which harbingers a deep solace. Watch our Yazd desert tour Iran.

Watch sun set in desert in our Yazd desert tour in Iran.

hostel inn Yazd

Observation Plan in Yazd, the Hub of Astrology:

1- Our Yazd hostel offers very cheap Astrology Tour with digital sky view and real simulator of stars and sky phenomena in sky-like dome. In this tour we will get to know the movements in day and night sky, the dawn and dusk of sky bodies, constellations, solar system, stars and planets.

2- Observing stars in the very heart of desert accompanied by experts astrologists from 9 pm to 1 am with the naked eye at night. Watch our desert tour in Yazd Iran.

hostel in Yazd Iran

While in desert, you witness how little by little darkness gives birth to trillions of stars to the sky. You start to lock your eyes to the unimaginably bewitching beauty filling sky. Desert nights are cool and you feel it upon the surface of the sand. I for one always lie down and listen to the wind breeding a mellifluous sound by touching the sand. Finally, you dip your hands inside the sands and feel a soft warmth and the whole experience is altogether magnificent. Altogether, You can join a group and set a fire gather around it, stash potatoes under the fire and have a super delicious barbecued potato. So soothing is the sparkling sound of fire twisting itself to the hissing sound of the wind and the laughter that rises.

A Visit With us to Darkest Spot in the Middle-East: Bahabad and Nayinband Desert

Why is Bahabad Desert and Neyaband Desert are the best spots in the province of Yazd to observe stars?

safari and desert tour in Yazd
Lovely nights in desert of Yazd

Such virgin and dark sky is very hard to find in this globe. Still, for instance in some regions of Iran, the sky is completely dark. One of the desert points is Behbazd and Nayabandeh.

From the astronomical point, Behbad area on the scale of Bourtle (scale for measuring darkness) has secured a special ranked. Thus, there are no optical pollution in some parts of this desert. This is the best and darkest area ever investigated in the optical pollution project.

desert tour in Yazd Iran
super delicious kebab in desert camp in Yazd Iran

Gagen Shine light is clearly visible in this area, and even at some times. Jupiter and Venus can be seen like a radiant star and create shadows due to the darkness of the environment on the ground. Access to such areas is very difficult, but the position of this desert is excellent. There is no region similar to the Desert Behbad across the continent of Europe. Thus, with a little promotion, European astronomers can be attracted to Iran. Correspondingly, In the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and some Pakistan have dark sky. Due to the good infrastructure in Iran and the good security and high culture of Iran, our country is in a good position.

hostel in Yazd

A lot of foreign tourists and foreign astronomers, and Iranian astronomers have discovered Behbaad and Nayebandan. Thus, This can lead to employment and sustained development without destruction. According to Sohrab Alidousti, a research of the location of dark places and the head of the optical pollution project, this desert is the best observation place in Iran. Given these points, this completely virgin area can be delivered with sustainable protection to the next generation. Watch desert tour in Yazd Iran.

hostel in Yazd
Yazd, the best adobe city in the world

Why Yazd Became UNESCO Site?

Iranian officials bent over backwards and registered this city as the first city in Iran as UNESCO Site. Of course as a historical city in the very center of Iran, Yazd stands out with historical structure. Accordingly, this marvelous tourist destination in Iran is the largest adobe city where people still live. Overall, around two-hundred hectares of Yazd is considered as World heritage status. As a matter of fact, the team of Pardisan Hostel in Yazd has tried its best in shedding light on major and minor places in Yazd.

Yazd day tour Iran
Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd

Dolat Abad Garden is one of the nine Persian Gardens that is listed in UNESCO Site alongside Persian qanats. Therefore, these beauties creating this marvelous paining on the map of Iran are a lot. Zoroastrian Fire Temples are perfect attractions, accordingly Badgirs or Wind catchers on top of mud houses are used as ventilation. There are 22 UNESCO Sites in Iran. By and large, these Sites make this city first in the Middle East and rank 11 in the World.

Our Restaurant, Discount for Tourists

The restaurant of Pardisan Hostel in Yazd is across from the first branch. In fact we serve only Persian foods in great variety. Particularly, our restaurant gives discount not just for our guests but other tourists.

hostel in Yazd
Shahrokh Restaurant, Markar sq
hostel in Yazd
Shahrokh Restaurant, Markar sq

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